Is there an Irish New York Accent?

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"Peter Quinn is a Bronx-born and raised Irish American. He was a speechwriter for New York governors Mario Cuomo and Hugh Carey and, in recent years, has become a well-known essayist and novelist. He even has a new novel out, entitled The Man Who Never Returned, about the legendarily vanished New York judge Joseph Crater.

But that’s not all Quinn has. According to one observer, Quinn also has -- if you will -- the 'quin'-tessential New York Irish accent.

But this observation raises a larger question? Is there really an Irish variation on the world famous New York accent?

Another Irish American with roots in the Bronx named Heather Quinlan has embarked on a journey to answer just that question.

'I’ve always been interested in language and accents,' said Quinlan, in a recent interview with 'Sidewalks.'

Quinlan was laid off from her job earlier this year. She decided, then, to devote herself full-time to what had been a part-time obsession -- making a documentary film about the 'Noo Yawk' accent. The title is If These Knishes Could Talk: A New York Accent Film."

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