A compilation of various film clips featuring Peter Quinn.


No Irish Need Apply

Excerpt from the 1993 television program, No Irish Need Apply, in which Peter Quinn discusses the inspiration for Margaret O'Driscoll, a key character from his acclaimed novel, Banished Children of Eve.

Peter Quinn on William Kennedy at NYS Writers Institute in 1999

Quinn, Frank McCourt and Dennis Smith discuss the impact of the work of author William Kennedy.

A New Look at Tammany Hall

A program at CUNY, Irish New York: A New Look at Tammany Hall and Its Legacy." Quinn was joined by panelists Pete Hamill, Terry Golway and Richard Welch.

Clips From

New York: A Documentary Film

Directed by Ric Burns. (Originally aired on PBS, 1999)

Clips From

The Long Journey Home

Directed by Tom LEnnon. (Originally aired on PBS, 1998)