Hour of the Cat

A Murder Mystery Set In New York and Berlin on the Eve of World War II.

Publisher: The Overlook Press
ISBN-10: 158567799X
ISBN-13: 978-1585677993
First publication date: August 1, 2006
Language(s): English
Cover: Hardback and Paperback
Purchase Online: Overlook PressAmazon

On the eve of World War II, a homicide is commited in New York City, a simple murder indistiguishable from hundreds of others. But all is not as it seems. Two vastly different men— an American detective and a German admiral— are drawn into the gathering storm. It is soon plain that this case stretches far beyond the crime scene— to Nazi Germany and into a murderous conspiracy of a scope that defies imagination. With masterful command of fact and fiction, Peter Quinn transports readers to a pre-war New York brimming with atmosphere and consequence.

"The pacing is tight, the descriptions of New York in the 1930s rich, the characters engaging, and the dialogue pitch perfect. Only a churl could resist"
- Boston Globe

"A chilling history lesson wrapped in a murder mystery... It is the best kind of historical novel, driven by memorable characters, a suspenseful plot, and real-life questions"
- USA Today

"Extremely readable... A Gotham version of Philip Marlowe."
- The Chicago Tribune

"Hour of the Cat is the hour of Peter Quinn's genius. It's been said a million times but I'll say it again: I couldn't put it down."
- Frank McCourt

"Noir to the core... Smart and evocative."
- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"A tingling thriller about a small but significant war between streetwise Yanks and those mean old Nazis."
- Entertainment Weekly